Official launch of the Integriball ERASMUS+ Project

Official launch of the Integriball ERASMUS+ Project (2020-2021) on tackling match-fixing in grassroots and women’s football

The official launch of the new, EU-funded Integriball ERASMUS+ Project took place on the 23rd of January 2020 in Brussels during the Project’s kick off meeting. The meeting was hosted at the Brussels’ office of UEFA’s. UEFA is a supporting partner of this new project, which aims to educate on the dangers of match-fixing in football.

The “Integriball Grassroots and Women’s football” Project will run from January 2020 until December 2021 and takes on a unique approach, developing and disseminating a comprehensive education programme focusing on protecting grassroots (U16-18) and women’s football players in Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, and Malta from threats of sport manipulation (match-fixing) and other related sport-regulatory or criminal activities, in partnership with the respective dedicated Football Federations.

The Project is implemented by CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity, which has run other successful projects including Integrisport ERASMUS+ targeting law enforcement and judiciary in investigating cases of sports manipulations. Integriball’s implementation will be further supported by partnerships with the sport integrity body of the global lottery sector, GLMS, with its strong expertise on sports betting and intelligence, as well as the renowned Ghent University playing a vital role in research activities. Partner organizations in particular will add further credibility to the Project by contributing via their network and expertise.

All project partners concluded that addressing the integrity of young athletes at the very start of their sporting careers, as well as raising awareness among female athletes of one of the fastest growing sports should be a priority; a priority that will definitely benefit from a multidisciplinary and transnational approach to tackling sport manipulations. With this approach, the Project aims to help to equip the involved football federations with effective tools and networks to effectively fight against sport manipulation and other sport integrity breaches.

The “Integriball Grassroots and Women’s football” Project is officially supported in this fight by UEFA and the Council of Europe.

Project Partners


  • Stichting CSCF – Counter Sport Corruption
  • Foundation for Sport Integrity

Partner Organisations

  • GLMS – The Global Lottery Monitoring System
  • Ghent University 

Supporting Organisation

  • UEFA
  • Council of Europe

 Country Partners:

  • Royal Belgian Football Association
  • The Cyprus Football Association
  • Football Association of the Czech Republic
  • Hellenic Football Federation
  • Malta Football Association

If you are interested in the program, please visit us at https://integriball.weebly.com/ and visit or email us: integriball@cscfsport.com.

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