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CSCF is a non-profit organization that works to protect sport from negative aspects including manipulations in sport, corruption and fraud. The main activities of the foundation are to provide education and consulting. The aim of the foundation is to encourage respected and experienced experts to share their experiences and raise awareness on sports corruption with athletes, sport officials, law enforcement, governmental officers and judiciary.

CSCF puts great emphasis to find and request only the most respected and experienced experts of the fields of interest. The requested experts are well recognized in area of law enforcement, sport integrity, betting and cyberspace at operational an strategic level. We believe that sports- and the athletes in particular, are vulnerable to the manipulation of sport competitions; they need external assistance to protect themselves. We also believe that law enforcement and governmental officers, prosecutors and judges need to receive adequate awareness on these very specific crimes committed in field of sport.


Within the framework of customized training, the participants are introduced to the law enforcement perspective of the manipulation of sports competitions and sports corruption; the criminal offences committed by fixers in relation with/behind sport events; the way athletes and sport officials may encounter and handle sport manipulation and the fixers; the basics of sports betting and awareness of sport ethics and integrity to grassroots level

Advice to sport and governmental sectors

Our foundation provides advice to clients, allowing them to evaluate their situation concerning questions related to in match fixing, manipulation in sports and corruption in sport. We can run enquiries and studies regarding the situation within our clients’ relevant jurisdiction.

We offer expertise to law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities in order to support procedures launched that may have links to investigating sport manipulation cases.

Collaborative partnerships

We believe that the most effective manner to protect the integrity of sport is through a coordinated effort, pooling together ideas from different perspectives towards a single goal. That is why our foundation is open to collaborative partnerships on various topics related to sport ethics and integrity, at national or transnational level across sports.

Our vision is to provide support, knowledge and expertise on combiting sports manipulations, money laundering and the abuse of virtual currencies to stakeholders in the relevant area...

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recent events

Media Statement – Project Closing Conference: Sports manipulations and criminal activities impacting sport

10 MARCH 2021

“IntegriSport Erasmus+ project (2019-2020) came to an end with its closing event organized by project co-ordination, CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity, on Wednesday 10th March, on the topic of sports manipulations and criminal activities impacting sports. The event was hosted and opened by the Portuguese EU Presidency and included keynote speeches from the Portuguese Judicial Police, Interpol and interventions by the project partners, including national law enforcement, GLMS, University of Aix-Marseille and EU Athletes”

Integrisport Project
Closing Conference

10 MARCH 2021

Event Co-hosted by: Judicial Police, Portugal, Portuguese Presidency - Council of the EU, CSCF – Counter Sport Corruption Foundation for Sport Integrity

IntegriSport Next Project

Having successfully developed and coordinated the first version of the IntegriSport project (2019-2021) we, the CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity, are more than happy to announce the continuation of the project with IntegriSport Next (2021-2022). This time IntegriSport Next (2021-2022) will act in six countries Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Malta and Sweden…

#Integriball #Erasmusplus project workshop

In today's #Integriball #Erasmusplus project workshop we discussed the final details of the curriculum that will be used in the training sessions for women and young #football players on sports manipulation (#matchfixing) and other sports integrity issues. These trainings will be carried out in 2021 in each of the countries of our football associations partners alongside our group of experts and supporting partners: Royal Belgian FA, Cyprus Football Association, Česká fotbalová reprezentace, ΕΛΛΑΣ ΕΘΝΙΚΗ ΟΜΑΔΑ (GREECE NATIONAL TEAM), Malta Football Association - 1900, Global Lottery Monitoring System - GLMS, Universiteit Gent, UEFA

18 December 2020


"We are very proud that our project partner on #Integrisport, #IntegrisportNext & #Integriball , @GLMS_Sport , has officially joined the @MacolinConv_CoE Follow Up Committee as an observer! More information? 👇

27 November 2020

Awareness raising seminar organised in the Netherlands

On November 9 and 10 2020, the 7th Awareness Raising Session on the subject of manipulation of sports competitions (match fixing) and other sport criminal offences (corruption, fraud, money laundering and conspiracy) of the IntegriSport Erasmus+ project was held, organised on this occasion by the Ministry of Security and Justice of the Netherlands and coordinated by the CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity....


"We highly value our cooperation with the @RoyalBelgianFA as one of our partners in #Integriball #ErasmusPlus. Thank you Bob Browaeys for your commitment to protecting the integrity of football. #erasmusplus #matchfixing #grassroots #womensfootball #football #sportintegrity #CSCF"

20 November 2020



IntegriSport is an initiative offered to Judicial and Law Enforcement authorities to develop their awareness of criminal activities endangering sport throughout Europe.

January 2019 - December 2020

IntegriSport Erasmus+ run from January 2019 until December 2020 and aims to catalyze the efficiency of sport-manipulation-related crime investigation and prosecution activities by providing awareness raising on all aspects of the manipulation of sports competitions in Cyprus, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Portugal and Slovakia.

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Integrisport Next

Having successfully developed and coordinated the first version of the IntegriSport project (2019-2021), the IntegriSport Next (2021-2022) will act in six countries Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Malta and Sweden.

January 2021 - December 2022

Being an Erasmus+ program, this second version of the project also has the full support of the European Commission, consolidating itself as an important platform for raising awareness about the damages of sports manipulation (#matchfixing). This is achieved through the consolidation of a comprehensive awareness raising program and operational support to law enforcement agencies (LEA) and judicial authorities (JA) in Europe to face this phenomenon under the same collective.

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The Integriball Erasmus+ Project takes on a unique perspective, developing and disseminating a multidisciplinary, comprehensive education programme on protecting grassroots (U16-18) and women football players from sports manipulations.


The project rolls out in Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece and Malta in 2020 – 2021. The CSCF experts and partners will produce guidelines for the athletes, coaches and administration of the federations so that they know how to recognize, fight and talk to the right people about the issues they encounter.

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