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Few Words About Us

Why work with us?

CSCF is a non-profit organization that works to protect sport from negative aspects including manipulations in sport corruption fraud

The main activities of the foundation are to provide education and consulting. The aim of the foundation is to encourage respected and experienced experts to share their experiences and raise awareness on sports corruption with athletes, sport officials, law enforcement, governmental officers and judiciary. CSCF puts great emphasis to find and request only the most respected and experienced experts of the fields of interest. The requested experts are well recognized in area of law enforcement, sport integrity, betting and cyberspace at operational an strategic level. We believe that sports- and the athletes in particular, are vulnerable to the manipulation of sport competitions; they need external assistance to protect themselves. We also believe that law enforcement and governmental officers, prosecutors and judges need to receive adequate awareness on these very specific crimes committed in field of sport.As we spent more time on working with variouse clients, we have implemented many cool features to our premium WordPress themes, that our clients suggested.
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The Director

Mr. Norbert Rubicsek J.D.

Mr. Norbert Rubicsek J.D. is a lawyer and former police officer, specializing in sport- related criminal issues. He has 20 years of experience in law enforcement as an investigator and analyst for the Hungarian Police, dealing with organized crime investigations at national and international level. His last law enforcement assignment was at the European Law Enforcement Agency (Europol), As an intelligence officer and project manager, he was responsible for managing, supporting, advising and coordinating investigations and other measures of law enforcement agencies of the European Union, Australia, Moldova, Switzerland and Singapore on sports corruption, match fixing and manipulation, betting and money laundering in sport. He was also tasked to draft and represent the EU law enforcement strategy on fighting sports corruption and manipulation, betting and money laundering in sport.

Currently, in addition to running an EU funded project, he is also regularly solicited to provide expertise to organisations such as the Council of Europe, sport federations such as the International Volleyball Federation and contributions to human rights considerations in sport manipulations (HELP Human Rights in Sports online course) . He also works on publications to keep up with current trends in sports corruption.