About us

The CSCF Sport Integrity Group is made up of CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity and the CSCF & Partners Consulting firm, both of which have the ultimate goal of protecting the integrity of sport, which is the source of sport’s value and gives it credibility. 

Our goal is achieved through the specialized team and network of highly qualified experts and leading sport organizations, athletes, and private and public organizations of the domain at the operational and strategic levels, dealing with any issue of sport integrity across our spectrum of services in this field on:

  • Research, education, and awareness
  • Corruption and crime prevention
  • Policy making, governance, regulations, and structures
  • Risk assessment and crisis management
  • Performance betting and monitoring analysis data
  • Operational assistance to run ethics and integrity projects
  • Safety and security
  • Investigations, and intelligence gathering

With Whom We Work

Actors of the sports ecosystem with which we work:

  • Society, sports practitioners, professional athletes, and sport officials (fans, coaches, referees, etc.)
  • Sport governing bodies: International and national federations, major event owners
  • Government organizations: Intergovernmental, national, and local
  • Businesses organizations: Sponsors, agencies, broadcasters
  • Integrity and dispute bodies: WADA, Integrity/Ethics Units
  • Education bodies: University and research bodies

Vision and Mission


To be recognized as first-class allies in the sporting ecosystem. To help create a safer and cleaner environment for sport from all forms of integrity and security breaches to preserve the value and uniqueness of sport. To be a vehicle serving society with opportunities to educate on the values of sport, which are hardly found in other activities. 


We are committed to the integrity and values that sport has, which are hardly found in other activities of society and, therefore, must be preserved, monitored, and protected. That is why all our efforts endeavour to help the actors of the sports ecosystem with tailored tools to be better equipped to face the challenges derived from integrity violations, as well as to use the values of sport to reach vulnerable populations with initiatives that can give them better opportunities in life.


The CSCF Sport Integrity Group has offices in the Netherlands, France and Hungary and operates internationally. 

CSCF Sport Integrity Group

Meet the team


Norbert Rubicsek JD.


The director of the Sport Integrity Group is a lawyer and former police officer (lieutenant colonel of the Hungarian Police) specializing in sport related criminal and integrity issues. As a police officer, he was dealing with organized crime related investigations at national and international level. His last law enforcement assignment was at the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol),As an intelligence officer and project manager, he was responsible for managing, supporting, advising and coordinating investigations and other measures of law enforcement agencies of the European Union, Australia, Moldova, Switzerland and Singapore on sports corruption, match fixing and manipulation, betting and money laundering in sport. He was also tasked to draft and represent the EU law enforcement strategy on fighting sports corruption and manipulation, betting and money laundering in sport.  

As an expert, he provides advice, education programs and investigation services on sport integrity issues, especially on manipulation and corruption in sport.  

Beside other fascinating projects, he was an expert of the Council of Europe Group of Copenhagen Working Group on sport manipulation/match fixing typology, which is the leading typology of the topic at the whole world.  

He also works on publications to keep up with current trends in sports corruption. 


Carlos is a sports management professional with more than 5 years of experience. Graduated from the business but venturing into sports, he specialized in sports management as well as governance, ethics, and integrity in sports. At CSCF, Carlos helps coordinate the group’s strategy and operations, acting as a liaison with the partners, as well as managing the implementation of the intellectual outputs of the projects and coordinating the professional work of the experts in this regard.

Carlos Gutiérrez
Operations Manager

Isa is a communications and digital marketing specialist, she graduated from Social Communication and Journalism in Colombia and she had a master in Digital Marketing and Business Communications in Spain. During her 9 years of experience handiling communications, digital marketing and PR in different companies she has been growing and learning about digital media, marketing and the best way to communicate with different stakeholders in and out of the organization. Totally loves spend time with coworkers, learning new things and reaching new goals.  

She is passionate about sports, loves and plays football and trully belives in the integrity of the sports, saying that she loves being part of an organization that looks forward to make this happen and stands against manipulation in sport.  

She works with passion, entusiasm, and always giving 100% in everything. 

Isa is part of the CSCF team! 

Laura Isabel Velásquez
Communications and Social Media Manager

Laura has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the United States and has several years’ experience working in administration. Over the last 15 years, Laura has worked in Europe with several multinational companies and enjoys collaborating with people from all over the world.

Laura loves sports and helping to keep integrity in sports.

Laura Gardeva
Management Assistant

Dávid is a lawyer from Hungary – having graduated in the summer of 2021 with a master’s degree with a specialization in criminal law, he aims to help CSCF’s work with his fresh, up-to-date expertise. Being a supporter of international legal cooperation, and having done research in anti-corruption and human rights during his university years, Dávid is provided an environment and goals that he truly believes in by CSCF. 

Dávid played handball in his teenage years and is still a passionate fan of it, and similarly of football and some e-sports – thanks to this, he knows well how important it is to keep all games clean. 

Dávid Urbán

Alban is a content manager for CSCF and he grew up in the United States and earned his Bachelor of Arts from Occidental College, where he studied psychology and philosophy. The entirety of his youth was dedicated to soccer, through playing, coaching, and as a fan. This passion now defines his way of being as an adult.

Alban furthered his academic interest in philosophy and his enthusiasm for sport by completing a Master of Arts in Sport Ethics and Integrity.

Alban has come to CSCF to address ethical concerns in sport, applying ethical theory towards practical solutions of sport integrity issues.

Alban Zohn
Content and Knowledge Officer

Prashant is a content manager for CSCF, he was first trained as an Engineer, then as a lawyer and has a long experience as a litigation attorney before various Courts and Tribunals in India.

He has a LL.M. in Law and Economics (EMLE) and is presently finishing his second Masters in Sports Ethics and Integrity (MAiSI). He is passionate about sports, fitness and nutrition and his motivation to do something where his work has potential to bring changes in the real world, led him leave plush jobs and start working afresh in the world of sports. At CSCF he brings his legal expertise, combined with his knowledge of policy, management and sports integrity.

Prashant is responsible for supporting CSCF with content, research and knowledge on sports ethics and integrity issues, and assisting the CSCF team to manage the implementation of the various on-going projects and research. 

Prashant Kumar
Content and Knowledge Officer

Annamaria is a lawyer and has worked in the Hungarian public administration. She has 17 years of experience working in the field of EU law and the management of European Funds.

As an expert, she has international work experience gained through the implementation of international and European programmes in the fields of migration and asylum.
She has 8 years of experience as a manager and sound negotiating skills acquired through participating in Hungarian and European cross-disciplinary consultations.

At CSCF, Annamaria helps coordinate the group’s workflow and manages the administrative operations of the group.

Annamaria Veres JD.
Administration and Finance Manager

Erika is a graphic designer, she describes herself as a dreamy and creative person and she’s always looking to expand her knowledge, now she’s on her last semester of business administration degree. Passionate about art and design, she has been working as a graphic designer for the last 3 years.

Erika is an athlete, she has been playing volleyball for 8 years, fell in love with the sport since she played her first match. She’s very happy to be part of CSCF

Erika Cobos Reyes
Designer and Social Media Assistant