What We DO

We help the different actors of the sports ecosystem to be better equipped to face challenges stemming from integrity breaches, as well as to use sport to create opportunities for effective and innovative programs and partnerships in the field our expertise, including but not limited to:

Integrity breaches we deal with

  • Sport manipulation (match-fixing)
  • Corruption
  • Doping
  • Different kinds of violence: Discrimination, hooliganism, racism, or sexual abuses, etc.
  • Human rights violations
  • Lack of governance
  • Omerta and fear of reporting wrongdoing

Our Mission and Vision are achieved through the specialized team and network of highly qualified experts and leading sport organizations, athletes, and private and public organizations of the domain, at the operational and strategic levels, dealing with any issue of sport integrity across our spectrum of services in this field:

Build customized integrity training and education programs for sport and public and private organizations.

Facilitate and advise sport and public and private organizations at operational and strategic levels to have the maximum impact on protecting sport integrity.

Research, education, and awareness Collapse

Develop programs on the protection of vulnerable groups and individuals to prevent them from becoming victims and / or perpetrators of criminal activities.

Corruption and crime prevention Collapse

Review and development of ethics, compliance, and sport integrity policies and regulations such as codes of ethics, codes of conduct and discipline, compliance procedures and good governance. 

Develop and plan the establishment of sport integrity units as well as whistle-blower systems.


Policy making, governance, regulations, and structures Collapse

Comprehensive “risk assessment” of the threat to a sport or organizations from integrity breaches. 

Map out the primary sport integrity issues and provide advice on how to handle them. 

Risk assessment and crisis management Collapse

Advice in betting fraud analysis in relation with suspicious sport cases.

Performance betting and monitoring analysis data Collapse

Unique approach to project management of programs related with values, integrity, ethics, compliance, governance in sport.


Operational assistance to run ethics and integrity projects Collapse

Develop and reveiw of safeguarding policies to identify and deal with different kinds of violence: Discrimination, hooliganism, racism, or sexual abuses, etc.

and security

Offer expertise to sport organizations, law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities to:

Collect, collate, and structure information effectively and appropriately in order to support procedures launched that may have links to investigating sport cases. 

Lead disciplinary investigations in integrity matters.


Investigations, and intelligence led Collapse
Why get involved / work with CSCF Sport Integrity Group?

The Group, made up of CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity and the CSCF & Partners Consulting firm, gives different alternatives to organizations to partner with us based on their needs and priorities. 

CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity

We support and get support for effective and innovative programs and partnerships in the field of our expertise with a multidisciplinary approach in the core areas of values and integrity.

Why work with us? 

  • Make a meaningful impact to change lives through sport.
  • Boost your corporate social responsibility.
  • Increase the visibility of your work.
  • Leverage our specialized team and network with highly qualified experts and leading sport organizations to put in place initiatives.
  • Exchange of knowledge and ideas to enhance your work.

CSCF & Partners Consulting

We provide independent guidance and advice on strategic decision-making as well as operational assistance, towards the integrity of sport, and to the different actors of the sports ecosystem. 

Why work with us? 

  • We have comprehensive knowledge on the known aspects of sport integrity.
  • We have longstanding experience in developing and providing education on all types of integrity issues.
  • We provide independence and objectivity to deal with the problems that the governing bodies of sport find in tackling problems alone.
  • We have a multisport approach, developing such projects for different sport disciplines from football, basketball, volleyball to snowboard, SAMBO, inter alias.
  • We have a strong network and comprehensive cooperation with public and private stakeholders all over Europe.
  • All our services are based on thorough research that seeks to carefully design and tailor-make them to the needs of partner countries.
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