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Safeshred and CSCF – Safer, Cleaner, Better

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The World Snowboard Federation and the CSCF – Sport Integrity Group take a step forward for the safeguarding of young snowboard riders.

On December 6th 2021, trainers and managers come from all over Europe to Planegg Germany, to participate in an intensive training on integrity topics. These key players will be empowered with knowledge and pedagogical tools to raise awareness among the youngest generations of snowboard riders during local, regional, and national events this winter.

The topics covered during the session were:

•      Manipulation of sports competition
•      Doping
•      Harassment/Bullying
•      Corruption
•      Whistleblowing system
•      Basic human rights

This activity builds on from the findings of the SafeShred project, co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

The relay baton is passed: see you on the slopes!

A special thanks to Snowboard Germany for hosting the activity in such special conditions.

And to the CSCF team of experts:

–  Carlos Gutiérrez & Norbert Rubicsek J.D. – Coordinators
–  Cassandra Matilde Fernandes, LL.M – Basic human rights
–  Pim Verschuuren – Whistle blowing system
–  Ainhoa Azurmendi – Harassment & Bullying
– Gatis Berkis – Doping
– Lorraine Pearman – Manipulation of sports competition & Corruption

As well as to the WSF coordinators, Boris Kilvinger and Floriane Poncet.

– Freestyle Snowboard Italy (FSI)
– Snowboard Germany (SG) 
– Finnish Snowboard Association (FSA)
– Swiss-Ski (SSKI)
– Austrian Snowboard Association (ASA)
– Swedish Ski Association (SSA)

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