Executive supporting officer (Remote)

About Us: Join CSCF Sport Integrity Group, a pioneering organization dedicated to

advancing sport integrity through education, investigation, and advisory services. Our

mission is to uphold the highest standards of ethics and fairness in the world of sports.


Job description: We are seeking an executive supporting officer to join our team. This

role focuses on providing dedicated support to our Director, ensuring the smooth

operation of our organization.


Key responsibilities:


      1.     Timely task management: Ensure all tasks, appointments, and deadlines are

managed efficiently.

      2.     Administrative excellence: Handle administrative duties with precision,

including document management, email correspondence, and record


      3.     Research and analysis: Conduct research and provide valuable insights to

inform decision-making.

      4.     Colleague interaction: Facilitate effective communication between the

Director and colleagues, ensuring tasks are completed in accordance with

requirements and deadlines.

      5.     Financial tasks: Handle financial tasks such as expense tracking and

financial document preparation.

      6.     Document management: Proficiently manage documents, presentations, and


      7.     Communication and correspondence: Efficiently manage email

communication, drafting responses, and maintaining the Director’s inbox.

      8.     Proactive support: Identify opportunities for process improvement and

enhance workflow efficiency.

      9.     Meeting preparation: Assist in preparing for meetings, ensuring all necessary

materials are ready and providing briefs on meeting agendas.

      10.  Assisting with Director’s daily tasks: Provide support with the Director’s

daily responsibilities as required.


Qualifications and requirements:

      1.     A minimum of 1 year of working experience related to the key responsibilities.

      2.     Education: A relevant Bachelor’s degree or equivalent education and training.

      3.     Strong organizational skills and punctuality.

      4.     Excellent communication skills.

      5.     Proficiency in administrative tasks.

      6.     Ability to work independently.


Application process: To apply for this position, please follow these steps:


 Prepare the required documents:

o   Your CV, detailing your qualifications and work history.

o   A motivation letter explaining why you are interested in working as an Executiv supporting officer and why you are interested in joining CSCF Sport Integrity Group. Please articulate your motivation for this role.

Include contact information for three professional references.


·        State your salary expectation.

·        Email your application to recruitment@cscfsport.com

·        In the subject line of your email, please mention “Application for executive

supporting officer – Your full name.”



Please note that all of the specified application components are required for consideration

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