CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity and ESTCIS Estonian Centre of Integrity in Sports Co-host Successful Awareness Session in Tallinn on Sport Integrity

The Integrisport 3.0 Project Continues to Make Strides in Educating Law Enforcement and Judiciary on Combating Sport Manipulation

Tallinn, Estonia, 8th of February – The latest awareness-raising session under the Integrisport 3.0 project was successfully held in Tallinn, Estonia, on the 7th and 8th of February. This significant event was co-hosted by CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity, the coordinator, and content expert of the Integrisport 3.0 project, and the ESTCIS Estonian Centre of Integrity in Sports, underscoring the project's ongoing commitment to combating sports manipulation and crime in sports and esports.

"Our aim with the awareness-raising session in Estonia was to convey a clear message to all stakeholders: the threat of manipulation in both traditional sports and esports is a pressing challenge that requires deeper understanding and collective action. Additionally, our efforts focused on bridging the gap between law enforcement and the esports sector, highlighting specific vulnerabilities, and emphasizing the critical support needed to uphold the integrity of sports,” said Norbert Rubicsek, director at CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity. "The active participation from various organizations on integrity issues was heartening. We are confident that this session has substantially strengthened the stakeholders' approach to combating sports crime, especially within the rapidly evolving esports landscape."

Integrisport 3.0 is a project established to provide theoretical and practical support for law enforcement and judiciaries in the six program countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Romania, and Spain, co-financed by the European Union. The inaugural awareness-raising practical session marked the commencement of this project and the 17th edition of the successful Integrisport program, reaching nearly two-thirds of EU countries' law enforcement and judiciaries in the last 4,5 years.

This time, over 45 participants from 25 organizations in Estonia participated in the conference and engaged in presentations, interventions, and panel discussions. The participants were introduced to different aspects of sport manipulation and crime in sports from various angles, ranging from policy-making to law enforcement issues. Discussions encompassed both traditional sports and esports, reflecting the evolving nature of integrity challenges in both domains. Representatives from national law enforcement, ministries, betting organizations, and sports organizations from football, handball, tennis, table tennis, wrestling, the National Olympic Committee attended. Partners of Integrisport 3.0, like the Spanish National Police, ULIS, the supporting partner FiFpro and the International Olympic Committee highlighted the session's diverse and inclusive approach.

"It is very important for ESTCIS, that the awareness-raising session gave us the chance to include esport community and its leaders in our discussions and in the future we can find the ways together as partners to make our youth understand better about the values of fair sport and keep them away from the evil side of sport," added Remo Perli, chief investigative officer from ESTCIS. "Also it is very important to move forward with the amendment of Estonian Penal code. It was pointed out by many experts in the session, that the special provision for sports manipulation is necessary."

CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity, the driving force behind this unique initiative, has consistently worked hard to protect the cause of sports integrity. Boasting strengths in creating opportunities in sports, CSCF excels in facilitating effective and innovative programs and partnerships. CSCF partners with organizations worldwide, providing complex and high-quality education and training to sports organizations, law enforcement, judiciaries, ministries, and other transnational bodies. Our focus spans multiple integrity issues, notably sport manipulation and safeguarding, along with effective investigations, whistleblower systems, and risk management.Our commitment to this noble cause acknowledges the importance of collective action in effectively safeguarding sports integrity globally. We are dedicated to making a significant impact in the world of sports.

As the primary stakeholder for sports integrity in Estonia, the Estonian Centre of Integrity in Sports (ESTCIS) holds a crucial position in safeguarding the integrity of sports within the country. Serving as the country partner for IntegriSport 3.0 in Estonia, ESTCIS plays a central role in promoting ethical practices and combating sports-related corruption and manipulation. Leveraging its expertise and resources, ESTCIS works tirelessly to implement rigorous doping control measures, provide anti-doping education, and address various integrity issues such as match-fixing prevention, abuse prevention, and spectator safety. Through its proactive efforts, ESTCIS contributes significantly to maintaining the integrity and fairness of sports in Estonia and beyond.

The Integrisport 3.0 project continues to lead in raising awareness and fostering collaboration against sports manipulation and crime in sports and esports. Its comprehensive educational approach has received widespread acclaim.

The next awareness-raising session will be organized in Bulgaria on 6-7 March. For more information about the Integrisport 3.0 project and future sessions, please visit

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