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Combating criminal activity is the role of law enforcement agencies (LEA) and judicial authorities (JA).The involvement of organised criminal groups manipulating sport to achieve illicit aims has made match-fixing an EU priority. While the need for legislation (Macolin Convention) and cooperation is now widely recognised, exchange between sport and LEA and JA is inconsistent. Raising awareness and operational capacity of the latter is Integrisport’s aim, uniting countries and experts from LEAs, the sport movement (EU Athletes), betting (GLMS) and organisations (Council of Europe). LEAs will become familiar with complex (criminal) match-fixing methodology from all angles (sport, betting, investigation, virtual currencies) and learn to exploit opportunities on national and international platforms and in courtrooms. Effective cooperation will strengthen investigation and prevention activities, including protection of young athletes. Project partners will facilitate, through a tailor-made curriculum, the development of operational countermeasures to match-fixing by identifying challenges and enabling training sessions. Participants will learn how to best cooperate with other stakeholders. The sport movement will benefit ultimately, as operative coordination will ensure that offenders, notably beyond the sport realm, are apprehended and eradicated from sport.

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