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The Integriball Erasmus + Project takes on a unique perspective, developing and disseminating a multidisciplinary, comprehensive education programme on protecting grassroots (U16-18) and women football players from sports manipulations. The project rolls out in Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece and Malta in 2020 – 2021. The CSCF experts and partners will produce guidelines for the athletes, coaches and administration of the federations so that they know how to recognize, fight and talk to the right people about the issues they encounter.


Czech Republic

The 1st online Integriball Fact Finding Mission took place in the Czech Republic! Our meetings with FA representatives of the youth section 1– 2–3 , education section, woman section, safety manager, referees, Beach Soccer & Futsal, a woman national player and a youth national player were essential to refine how Integriball Erasmus+ will contribute to the efforts of the Football Association of the Czech Republic (FACR) to raise awareness on fighting sports manipulation among grassroots and women footballers.

Fixing matches is not ruining only careers and lives of the involved persons, but ruining the football itself.” were the introductory words of Jiří Hendrich, the FACR Integrity Officer.

Belgium & Malta

Integriball’s second and third Fact Finding Missions took place in Belgium and Malta. With the support of the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) and the Malta Football Association (MFA), our team of experts of CSCF – Foundation for Sport Integrity met with representatives of different sections of the organisations and important stakeholders. To keep everybody safe and healthy in the coronavirus context, meetings were organised online.

”Be aware that when you take your first euro for manipulating a game, your career is not in your hands anymore”, said Thibault De Gendt, the Integrity Officer of the RBFA.

“We need to inject a culture which is pro-integrity”
said Herman Mula, the Integrity Officer of the MFA.


The fourth Integriball fact-finding mission, coordinated by CSCF – Foundation for Sport Integrity with the support of the Hellenic Football Federation Official, kicked off on 26 October, with the participation of key figures in Hellenic football. They provided a valuable contribution to building the project’s training programme for young athletes and female football players in the country, to increase their knowledge and alertness about sports manipulations.

“I would like to know more about sport manipulation to be able to protect myself and my players” were the forceful words of the coach of the Hellenic women’s football team.


Football Associations

RBFA - Royal Belgian FA

ΚΟΠ - Cyprus Football Association

FAČR - Football Association of the Czech Republic

MFA - Malta Football Association

EPO - Hellenic Football Federation


Ghent University

GLMS - Global Lottery Monitoring System


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