CSCF Sport

Scope of activities


Within the framework of customized training, the participants are introduced to:

  • The law enforcement perspective of the manipulation of sports competitions and sports corruption
  • The criminal offences committed by fixers in relation with/behind sport events
  • The way athletes and sport officials may encounter and handle sport manipulation and the fixers
  • The basics of sports betting
  • Definition of virtual currencies and the way they can be used in relation to match fixing and sport betting
  • Definition of DarkNet and its relation with sport manipulation, organized crime and terrorism
  • Gender equality in sport
  • Awareness of sport ethics and integrity to grassroots level

Advice to sport and governmental sectors

Our foundation provides advice to clients, allowing them to evaluate their situation concerning questions related to in match fixing, manipulation in sports and corruption in sport. We can run enquiries and studies regarding the situation within our clients’ relevant jurisdiction. 

We offer expertise to law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities in order to support procedures launched that may have links to investigating sport manipulation cases.

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Collaborative partnerships

We believe that the most effective manner to protect the integrity of sport is through a coordinated effort, pooling together ideas from different perspectives towards a single goal. That is why our foundation is open to collaborative partnerships on various topics related to sport ethics and integrity, at national or transnational level across sports.