IntegriSport is an initiative offered to Judicial and Law Enforcement authorities to develop their awareness of criminal activities endangering sport throughout Europe.

Sport manipulation, also more commonly known as match-fixing, is a relatively young phenomenon in the judicial world, but has been an increasing problem in the world of sport, which is being exploited by criminals. Law enforcement and judicial authorities have only in the last half-decade started to actively acknowledge the link between sport manipulation and organised crime groups (at national, regional and international levels). However, the identification of this link to mainstream offences needs to be developed and improved.

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The “Integriball Grassroots and Women’s football” Project takes on a unique perspective, developing and disseminating a multidisciplinary, comprehensive education programme focusing on protecting grassroots (U16-18) and Women’s football players in Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece and Malta from threats of sport manipulation and other related sport-regulatory or criminal activities.

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The first aim of this project is to examine the prevalence of sporting-related match-fixing in seven different countries, in multiple sports disciplines. The second aim is to share and transfer the knowledge on sporting-related match-fixing, gathered throughout the project. The third aim of the project is to raise awareness and stimulate the moral judgment on sporting-related match-fixing.

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