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What we offer:

IntegriSport is an initiative offered to governmental organizations to develop their awareness of criminal activities endangering sport throughout Europe. Sport manipulation, also more commonly known as match-fixing, is a relatively young policy phenomenon to the public sector but has been an increasing problem in the world of sport, whose limits to only dealing with licencees and the direct sport world, leaves large legislative caveats open to exploitation by criminals. Public organizations, including Judicial and Law Enforcement authorities, have only in the last half-decade started to actively acknowledge the link between sport manipulation and criminal crime groups (at national, regional and international levels). However, the identification of this link to mainstream offences needs to be developed and enforced.In the framework of the project, CSCF provides awareness raising sessions, facilitating knowledge and capacity building in the following area:

  • Acknowledging, through concrete policies and related measures, the    manipulation of sports competitions and sports corruption as a serious issue;
  • Recognising and managing modus operandi of corruption, fraud, Internet fraud, money laundering with regards to manipulation of sports competitions;
  • Addressing the links between sport betting and manipulation of sports competitions;
  • Virtual currencies;
  •  Working together with other relevant stakeholders, such as sport associations, the betting industry other public authorities within National Platforms of the Macolin Convention in pursuit of the aims specifically of law enforcement and the judiciary;
  •  Efficiently analysing, proving and prosecuting any offences related to sport manipulations in court.

ty Ongoing:

Our most recent IntegriSport project is Integrisport Erasmus+, in which we work together with 8 law enforcement and judiciary authorities from 7 countries, the Global Lottery Monitoring System, EU Athletes and Aix-Marseille University. The Project is co-funded by the European Union and supported by Council of Europe. Please visit the website: www.integrisport.org .

For more information please contact us integrisport@cscfsport.com 



Sports manipulations, depending on the perspective, starts or ends on the playing field. Players, athletes, coaches and referees from all sports are exposed to people whose aim is to manipulate sport events. 

Unfortunately, oftentimes a sport is not prepared for the danger of manipulation, which makes it more vulnerable to it and the issue more serious. 

Athletes and sport officials need to be prepared to fight sport manipulation. In order to protect their sport, they need to learn: 

  • What sport manipulation is
  • The danger of sport manipulation
  • The consequences of being involved in sport manipulation
  • How to fight against it, and
  • To whom they can report

What we offer:

IntegriGame is an integrity prevention concept from CSCF, specifically tailored to sport clubs, federations and organizations. With this concept we offer different formats for raising awareness:


Comprehensive awareness provided to discuss sport manipulations and the possible countermeasures 

E-learning Program 

On-line awareness raising on sport integrity

Awareness sessions 

Training sessions combined with interactive workshops 

Integrity programs 

Integrity training programs and strategies based on needs of the sport organization.

For more information please contact us integrigame@cscfsport.com