GLMS – EL -WAL Sport Integrity Webinar: Working with LEA to combat criminal aspects of sports manipulations

What have law enforcement authorities seen and how they are planning to react at national, regional and international level to increasing threats to sport integrity. What is their level of involvement in National Platforms and with the lotteries? How can GLMS facilitate awarenessraising through concrete activities? Panel discussion followed by open floor with:

  • Sergio D’ORSI – Head of Office, Analysis Project Sports Corruption
  • Claudio MARINELLI – Criminal Intelligence Officer & Project Manager, INTERPOL Match-Fixing Task Force
  • Dr. Norbert RUBICSEK – (former Lt. Col.) Director, CSCF Foundation for Sports Integrity
  • Damian VOLTZ – Senior Intelligence Analyst, Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

CSCF and its Projects are from 2:42:00