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EPOSM Project tackles non-betting-related match-fixing

The first aim of this project is to examine the prevalence of sporting-related match-fixing in seven different countries, in multiple sports disciplines. The second aim is to share and transfer the knowledge on sporting-related match-fixing, gathered throughout the project. The third aim of the project is to raise awareness and stimulate the moral judgment on sporting-related match-fixing. The project consists of three parts:


  • First, during the academic part a questionnaire on sporting-related match-fixing will be conducted in seven different countries. In each country, three sports disciplines will be examined. In sum, the academic part will reach around 2700 questionnaire respondents.
  • Second, the knowledge gathered throughout the academic part will be shared and teached throughout the training part. During the training part, three action plans will be elaborated in each country, each for one of the examined sports disciplines. In a second phase, three workshops will be organised in each country, each focusing on one of the examined sports disciplines in the respective country. During the training part, around 630 stakeholders will participate in the training workshops.
  • Third, the results of the EPOSM project will be disseminated during the dissemination part of the project, consisting of:- During the yearly conference of the European Association for Sport Management (EASM) in Innsbruck, Austria (September 2021), an academic workshop on the EPOSM project will be held.- Multiple scientific journal articles- One multiplier event- One book with the results of the project- Online dissemination of the results of the project.