🏂 Celebrating the Successful Conclusion of SafeShred: Empowering Sport Ethics and Integrity Awareness among Grassroots Snowboard Riders 🌟

We are thrilled to announce the successful culmination of SafeShred, an education program coordinated by the World Snowboard Federation and implemented by the sport integrity experts of CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity. We take immense pride in the impact we have made in raising awareness of ethical issues among the future stars of snowboarding – the grassroots riders – and the sport community in general.

SafeShred aimed to equip young riders with a comprehensive understanding of key sport integrity issues, enabling them to navigate challenges they may encounter in their snowboarding journey. This groundbreaking program covered a wide range of crucial topics, explained in the most simple manner to the young riders of different age groups, ensuring that these aspiring athletes possess the knowledge and tools to thrive while maintaining integrity.

Throughout the project, we delved into various significant subjects, including:

- Manipulation of sports competition

- Doping

- Harassment and bullying

- Corruption

- Whistleblowing system

- Basic human rights

By addressing these issues head-on, the project aims to foster a culture of fairness, respect, and transparency within the snowboarding community. Our collective efforts have not only provided essential knowledge but also empowered these young riders to act and react confidently when confronted with such issues, enabling them to make informed decisions and protect themselves and their sport throughout their journey as athletes

One of the remarkable achievements of this two-year project is the development of essential resources, including the Rider's Practical Guide and the multilingual E-learning platform available in English, German, Finnish, Italian, and Swedish. These deliverables, along with the research-based comprehensive pedagogical training materials and the trained trainers in each of the countries, provide the World Snowboard Federation and its members with a powerful and unparalleled toolset allowing them to create a sustainable training program for years to come.

“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the entire SafeShred team and our dedicated partners for their unwavering commitment and hard work. Together, we have made a lasting impact on the future of snowboarding by nurturing a new generation of riders who excel both on the slopes and as ethical ambassadors of the sport”, said Norbert Rubicsek, Director of CSCF Foundation for Sports Integrity, who was also one of the experts for creating the above resources for the SafeShred project.

As we celebrate the successful conclusion of SafeShred, we invite everyone to reflect on the importance of of fostering a culture of integrity, particularly one that emphasizes proactive action rather than reactive response to ethical issues.

Please feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more about SafeShred or collaborate on similar projects. Together, we can build a brighter future for sports, where ethics and excellence go hand in hand!

Train the Trainer_WSF_2

Safeshred and CSCF – Safer, Cleaner, Better

cooperation WSF and CSCF-02

The World Snowboard Federation and the CSCF – Sport Integrity Group take a step forward for the safeguarding of young snowboard riders.

On December 6th 2021, trainers and managers come from all over Europe to Planegg Germany, to participate in an intensive training on integrity topics. These key players will be empowered with knowledge and pedagogical tools to raise awareness among the youngest generations of snowboard riders during local, regional, and national events this winter.

The topics covered during the session were:

•      Manipulation of sports competition
•      Doping
•      Harassment/Bullying
•      Corruption
•      Whistleblowing system
•      Basic human rights

This activity builds on from the findings of the SafeShred project, co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

The relay baton is passed: see you on the slopes!

A special thanks to Snowboard Germany for hosting the activity in such special conditions.

And to the CSCF team of experts:

–  Carlos Gutiérrez & Norbert Rubicsek J.D. – Coordinators
–  Cassandra Matilde Fernandes, LL.M – Basic human rights
–  Pim Verschuuren – Whistle blowing system
–  Ainhoa Azurmendi – Harassment & Bullying
– Gatis Berkis – Doping
– Lorraine Pearman – Manipulation of sports competition & Corruption

As well as to the WSF coordinators, Boris Kilvinger and Floriane Poncet.

– Freestyle Snowboard Italy (FSI)
– Snowboard Germany (SG) 
– Finnish Snowboard Association (FSA)
– Swiss-Ski (SSKI)
– Austrian Snowboard Association (ASA)
– Swedish Ski Association (SSA)