CSCF Sport


 Mapping the main sport integrity issues and identifying the priority issues

 Providing real strategies and advice on how to tackle them 

 Facilitating network opportunities to ensure maximum protection of sport integrity


 Studying the robustness of existing regulations, ensuring they are accurate enough to handle disciplinary/ethics issues, and are compliant with sport and government regulation on integrity issues

 Drafting, or advising of, such regulation where needed


 Building a specific program to tackle sport integrity related issues head-on, from national and international cooperation to the implementation of the necessary regulations. 

 Aimed at athletes, management, and sport officials

 All aspects of integrity issues covered

 Flexible delivery – can be adapted to be delivered online or in-person, with either one-off seminars or a longer, more in-depth, course


 Establishing a new, or optimizing an existing, whistleblower system within the federation

 Training employee(s) about how to use whistleblowing process effectively


All of our products are based on thorough research and they are carefully designed and tailored to our partners.