IACA and CSCF Sport Integrity Group Announce New Partnership on Promoting Integrity in Sport

On 2 Nov 2023, the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) and Counter Sport Corruption Foundation (CSCF) Sport Integrity Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing the framework for both institutions to cooperate promoting integrity and anti-corruption compliance in sport.

Speaking on the new partnership, Mr. Jaroslaw Pietrusiewicz, Officer-in-Charge of the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) stated:

“IACA is willing to join forces with the international sport community and share its knowledge and expertise in anti-corruption and compliance to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of integrity and compliance programmes in countries and sports organizations. We want to involve various stakeholders to deliver anti-corruption education and equip our partners with the needed tools to eliminate corruption in sport. We are looking forward to developing such activities with CSCF”.


Mr. Norbert Rubicsek, Director at CSCF – Sport Integrity Group gave remarks during the announcement of this new partnership and stated:

As the growing number of alarming cases reveals, the realm of sports is increasingly being compromised by wrongdoers. From the highest governing bodies to local clubs, there's an urgent need to fortify against such infiltration. We at CSCF Sport Integrity Group are dedicated to empowering these entities, not just in safeguarding themselves, but in actively standing up against these malicious actors.

Our partnership with IACA brings forth a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, offering a robust set of tools and educational resources designed to strengthen regulations and policies. This collaboration is a significant step towards eradicating bad practices and restoring integrity within the sports domain.”

The promotion of integrity, anti-corruption and compliance in sport has become one of the priorities in the international anti-corruption agenda. In the UNGASS Political Declaration “Our common commitment to effectively addressing challenges and implementing measures to prevent and combat corruption and strengthen international cooperation”, states declared safeguarding sport from corruption as one of their goals. Also, the G20 put this theme on its agenda.

In 2023, IACA started a new research project on integrity and anti-corruption compliance in sport. The aims of this research project are to identify main corruption risks and typologies of corrupt misconduct in various sports and develop an overview of best practices in promoting integrity, implementing anticorruption compliance management systems and whistleblower hotlines in international and national sports organizations, professional leagues, and clubs.

For the past seven years, CSCF has been at the forefront of protecting sports from potential infiltration. Through its extensive programmes, CSCF has provided comprehensive support in tackling sport manipulation, corruption in sports, safeguarding, doping, and whistleblowing not only to governmental organizations such as law enforcement agencies, judiciaries, and ministries but also to international and national sports organizations. Notably, CSCF 's programmes have been implemented and utilized in over 200 countries worldwide through transnational projects and activities, showcasing their global impact and effectiveness.


The International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) is an international organization and post-secondary educational institution based in Laxenburg, Austria. It has been recognized by the United Nations General Assembly (resolutions A/RES/69/199 and A/RES/71/208, adopted on 18 December 2014 and 19 December 2016, respectively) as a center of excellence in anti-corruption education, training, and research. We advance the goals of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, promote the rule of law, and provide support and technical assistance for states, organizations, corporations, and other stakeholders. Corruption knows no borders, affects all countries and sectors of society, and cannot be remedied with traditional educational methods alone.

This is why our vision is to tackle the scourge of corruption with a new and holistic approach, including academic programmes, capacity building initiatives, technical assistance, research, and international cooperation and networking.

To contact IACA, please email: james.bigila@iaca.int

For more information about IACA, visit – www.iaca.int


ABOUT CSCF Sport Integrity Group

The CSCF Sport Integrity Group is an organization that, with a global operational footprint, serves as a dedicated guardian of integrity in sports. CSCF's expertise in sport manipulation, safeguarding, and whistleblowing position the organization at the forefront of preserving sports integrity. Committed to the profound economic, moral, and social dimensions unique to sports, CSCF actively engage with diverse organizations, fostering a world where sports thrive with integrity through fresh initiatives, capacity-building, prevention, reactive measures, and international cooperation.

CSCF's comprehensive services encompass advice, policy development, education, whistleblowing support, risk management, and investigation. Addressing issues proactively, strive to shape the landscape of sports integrity, fortifying the foundation of integrity, fairness, and enduring values upon which the world of sports stands.

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For more information about CSCF, visit – cscfsport.com


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